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Co-Owner and Executive Director – Sales and Marketing

With over 25+ years of experience in the transportation industry, Melissa has held many positions in all modes, including customs brokerage, warehousing – all things logistics, in Canada. With experience transporting commodities worth up to $10M+, Melissa will work hard to see your business succeed no matter what it takes.

A determined and well-respected leader, Melissa is skilled in strategic business development, finding solutions and creative options, management strategy, leadership, supply chain management, and marketing. Melissa has an open-door policy in all the positions she’s held that is welcoming in all matters. A believer in people who excels working with diverse talents by demonstrating a high degree of honesty and loyalty to her team members.

Choosing to work with Melissa, clients will know they are in great care. Melissa will work with each client and take time to get to know them and the business. Melissa ensures each client she works with will receive her full attention. She is professional and highly knowledgeable in logistics, immediately structuring a logistics plan in her head – Melissa will make sure to manage your supply chain in your best interest. Melissa maintains her vast network of carriers over the years by looking over the carrier side, ensuring that each precaution taken has proper documentation for a safe trip for the drivers and the products.

Heart. Commitment. Leadership

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Co-Owner and Executive Director – Operations

With about 25 years of experience, Samantha has proven herself as a leader in the back end of logistics in operations. Progressively growing over the years in each position, Samantha has surpassed expectations every time. 

Demonstrating her leadership in building strong relationships with the team, suppliers, and clients, Samantha has a way to rally the team to get to the finish line every time. Samantha is a leader first, and it shows in her work, where she constantly strives to see the success of others; she will selflessly want to offer her full support in seeing them succeed.  

Choosing to work with Samantha, carriers and team members will trust her directions. She will look over the coordinating and monitoring side of logistics and supply chain management. She will be the point of contact to the drivers and warehouse team to provide the information you require consistently and expeditiously. Samantha will go above and beyond for Jeniks' clients to make sure their supply chain is supported every step of the way. 

Innovative. Supportive. Inclusive

What is Jeniks?

Jeniks Logistics is a full-service 3PL. It all started with the two founders working together for several years in logistics and transportation. The two would have several conversations about the industry and its flaws. The lunch talks began formal discussions, which fostered a partnership to start up Jeniks Logistics in 2020, to lead change in the industry in how it operates. 


Jeniks Logistics' mission is to consistently provide honest communication, trustworthy service, respect for our clients, carriers and team; always having integrity in everything we do. To change the industry by providing an option every time in proving we are always "moving differently, together."

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Family is the core of Jeniks Logistics. The name, Jeniks, comes from a combination of the owners' children's names (J, E, and S belonging to Samantha's side and "Nik" to Melissa's), showing the importance of family. The team of Jeniks works to maintain healthy relationships with all those who come into the company, being a part of the Jeniks Family. Our long-standing partnerships with our carrier network and key partners in the customs brokerage, asset, warehousing and freight forwarding industry give us the advantage to present a complete service from start to finish.

Technology, open communication and 24-hour service are what you will receive to follow through on your commitment to your client - that is our promise.​ The team is what makes the difference. We value the input and expertise of our team. Driven by strong professional women with years of experience, Jeniks is ready to roll up our sleeves and get involved at every level of the organization. Working with clients, bringing a solution, utilizing all modes of transportation is how we are:

"Moving differently, together"

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