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Understanding the Various Types of Transport Trucks and Trailers Used

Which One Is Best For Your Transport Needs.


One of the most important aspect of the trucking industry is the different types of equipment used to ship certain goods. Every truck has many designs to carry specific types of cargo, ranging from dry goods to refrigerated items to heavy machinery. The type of trailer used for shipping your goods is just as important as the truck itself.

Dry Van Trailer and Straight Truck:

There are various types of equipment, depending on your transportation needs. The Dry Van trailer and Straight Truck are versatile and popular options among shippers. Dry Van trailers are the preferred choice for transporting goods that require protection from weather conditions. This type of trailer moves all types of packaged goods and other shipments that do not require temperature-controlled features. On the other hand, Straight Trucks, also called box trucks, are ideal for local deliveries and transportation of smaller loads.

Tanker Trailers:

Utilizing the different types of trailers for your shipments is essential as it allows you to transport a number of freight types. Tanker trailers are available for transporting liquids and gases such as fuel, oil, and chemicals. Tanker trailers come in different sizes and configurations depending on the type of cargo they transport. A food-grade tanker trailer will have a different configuration than a crude oil tanker trailer. They are designed to be leak-proof and are made with heavy-duty materials to prevent any accidents. A dry bulk tank trailer is a tanker that transports dry goods such as cement, flour, and plastic pellets. For transporting loose materials, such as: grains, gravel, or wet bulk, a dump truck is the best choice. These trucks have a tilting hopper at the back that can unload the cargo hassle-free.

Flatbed Trailers:

Flatbed trailers are the most common types of trailers used in the trucking industry. They are used to transport a variety of goods, including heavy machinery. This type of trailer can accommodate large or odd-sized cargo, building materials and oversized cargo, something the other trailers may struggle to transport. With proper strapping and securing techniques, flatbed trailers are a safe and efficient mode of transportation for different kinds of cargo. Roll Tite trailers would be best suited for transporting shipments that require a Flat Bed but still need protection from the weather elements. These trailers have a rolling tarp system that can easily cover and uncover cargo. If height restrictions are an issue, then a Step Deck trailer would be the equipment to utilize.

From closed trailers, flatbeds and dump trucks and more, each equipment's design is made specifically to suit different transportation needs. All these equipments for trucks make transporting your goods much easier and more efficient; whether its shipping heavy equipment or bulk materials, we can move your goods by Moving Differently, Together.

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