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Black History is Canadian History

“Black Canadians have shaped our society from literature, medicine, science and technology to education, law and politics. We can learn about Viola Desmond, Lincoln Alexander, Marie-Joseph Angelique and other notable Canadians. We shouldn’t limit Black history to one month, but intentionally find ways to incorporate Black history into our everyday lives. “ (to read more on this article please visit the link Black History Month was birthed in 1926 by Civil Rights Leaders who fought to have African American achievements celebrated. It was originally only 1 week of February and they ended up getting the entire month. Back then I can understand where they were coming from. Fast forward to today and we are still treating it separate to what Canadian/American History is. Black History is for everyone, WE are Canadian/US History. My daughter is 11 years old and couldn’t really tell you much of what she has learned from school about Black History. They pick a black person, do a presentation and that pretty much sums it up. Pretty much the same cycle from my time. And by time you blink, February is over and away goes the Black History pamphlets…until next year. #blackhistoryiscanadianhistory #blackhistoryisamericanhistory #blackhistoryisntjustforblacks #jeniksmdt #womeninlogistics #transportation

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Alisia DeMelo
Alisia DeMelo
Feb 23, 2021

Love this information, thank you.

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